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Designed for You | Eyesite

Our lenses are all manufactured whenever possible on-site at our facility in Penfield. We are able to manufacture most prescriptions with the various lens option (Progressive, transitions, anti-reflective coating, sunglass). Our mission is to provide convenient eye care and outstanding eyewear. Our lens designs are tailored to ensuring the health of your eyes now and in the future. Considering one of the featured designs is an investment in your health and future.


Perfect for inside and out. Molecules in the lens react with UV rays and darken when you're outside, then seamlessly shift back to clear indoors.


Enjoy all of your outdoor activities and hobbies like driving, skiing, boating, and fishing with glasses that incorporate a built-in lens filter that reduces sun glare better than traditional sunglasses.


This conventional approach to creating sunglasses aids in visual comfort and prevents eyelid wrinkles associated with squinting.

Ultraviolet protection

Whether it's in sunglasses or regular lenses this design feature is proven to protect your eyes and provide clear sight for years to come. UV protection reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Hi-Index lenses

High prescriptions used to mean thick heavy lenses but with advancements of Hi-index lenses we can create lightweight and thin profile compared to the other lens materials.

Anti-reflective coating

There is no reason to suffer with night time headlight or computer glare. Your glasses can have a state of the art anti-glare or anti-reflective coating added to give you a clear view at night or at work and allow others to see your eyes without a reflection when looking at you.

Stop by anytime and we will work with you one-on-one to design glasses created just for your unique style and what you do!

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