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Lens Fittings

Contacts can be a great way to complement your glasses, or they can be your primary vision correction option. We understand that finding contacts that meet your vision needs and lifestyle is critical, but we are here to assist you. We use innovative technology to measure the shape of your eyes and ensure that your contacts fit properly and are not causing discomfort or even worse damaging your eyes. Throughout the fitting process, we work to ensure your contacts will fit in functionality and lifestyle. Factors to think about include:

  • Texture: Soft, gas-permeable and hard lenses
  • Wear:  Disposability (daily, bi-weekly, or monthly) and wear time
  • Function:  Customized, medical, and therapeutic lenses
  • Design:  Astigmatism, Bifocal, colored, and tinted

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We work to make sure that enhancing and improving your vision is not an obstacle in your life. Our dedicated contact lens center brings the convenience of online shopping to your eye care.


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