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Eyesite is a comprehensive eye care facility that focuses on all the various components of eye care. By incorporating the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and staying up-to-date on the latest eye care advances, we make it a priority to deliver the very best patient experience. Every patient has a different eye care concern and we make sure to take the time to understand and solve it. Our thorough routine and medical care, condition diagnosis, and treatment plans ensure that our patients will be educated about their eyes and vision. Our contact lens services will have you seeing and feeling great about the type and brand you are wearing. Our experienced opticians will help you find the frame style and lens design that fits your style and budget.

Customized Care

Eye Care Services

We understand the important role that proper visions plays in our lives. Our doctors specialize in all types of eye conditions, from common visual ailments to difficult-to-diagnose disorders. We believe everyone deserves the best view of life and our advanced eye care will ensure you won’t miss a moment.

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Specialty Service

Dry Eye Clinic

We specialize in the treatment of chronic dry eye syndrome.


Is it dry eye?

Comprehensive diagnosis starts with a conversation



We will work with you to create a treatment plan

Treatments are not one size fıts all. We offer a wide range of treatment options including drops, prescription medication and other advanced treatments

Glasses Selection

For Your Style

Eyewear Selections

As an independently owned business, there is no limit to the styles, brands, and types of eyewear we carry. We’re dedicated to providing the largest selection of brands and styles in the Rochester area. With Eyesite, your eyewear will fit both your lifestyle and your style.


We work with you to browse our massive 2,500 frame selection


We work to ensure your contacts will fit in functionality and lifestyle


We offer a wide variety of eyewear options to suit your needs. Whether you work at a desk, adventure on the weekends or just need dependability, we will fınd the perfect option for you.

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