Eye Care

Solutions to Correct and Enhance Your Vision


Each patient's medical story is different and we take the time to learn it and develop treatment plans that will be effective and comfortable. The professionals at Eyesite understand the importance of having and maintaining good vision. We are ready to assist in matching a treatment solution to your life.

Are you new to Eyesite?

Make sure that you have all the right information and materials for your first visit. Complete patient forms and check accepted insurance all with one click. Whether you are looking for a new eye care facility or are interested in one of our custom care services our New Patient resources have all the information you need to be prepared before booking your appointment.

Medical Services

The health of your eyes is our highest priority at every stage of life that’s why we offer eye examinations to all ages including infants and the elderly.

Once we identify the issue and provide you with a clear diagnosis, we can begin to deliver a treatment plan for common issues including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic complications, infections, and injuries. Plus we offer surgical consultations (cataracts and Lasik) and vision therapy techniques to treat lazy eye, muscle imbalance, or focusing problems.

Vision Correction

Have you considered a way to eliminate your need for glasses or contacts? LASIK or other alternatives like Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) are great options!

Don’t go anywhere else! Our experienced doctors are proud to provide these corrective services locally and in an atmosphere committed to care.

Contact Lens Fitting

Our Providers specialize in refitting patients who have been told they cannot have contacts or who have experienced poor vision.

We can efficiently fit contact lenses for all types of prescriptions including astigmatism and bifocal. We welcome hard-to-fit cases including keratoconus or patients with dry eye disorders. Using our state of the art fitting procedure we can tailor the lenses for vision needs and lifestyle.

Dry Eye Clinic

Are you suffering form dry eye disease? Our dry eye clinic has been built around one thing: patient care. We work to diagnosis, treat, and manage dry eye disease.

Looking for a change?

Are you looking for a new eye care facility? Interested in our of our customized care services? Check out our New Patient Resources page for more information about becoming a new customer or before planning a procedure.
Let us walk you through your eye health journey