Pick the perfect frame for you

Pick the perfect frame for you

Pick the Perfect Frame for You | Eyesite


You’ve found the frames you loved on the shelf, but they sit tilted on your nose and cover your eyebrows, or bother your ears. If you’ve experienced this you’re not alone. Not all frames fit every face. The truth is, facial features change the way that frames look. Certain frames will blend with specific features and create a balanced view of your face, but others may bury subtle specifics and exaggerate worry areas such as nose, forehead, full cheeks, or ultra defined chin. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your glasses, and this quick guide is the start to finding the right fit.


Wide cheekbones and subtle angles, fuller profile.

DO: square, strong/prominent color
DON'T: small, circular


Jawline is slightly curved and your forehead is wider than your chin. Overall your face is wider than it is long.

DO: rectangular and horizontally oblong in all colors
DON'T: oversized


Straight sides of the face and proportional on all sides with sharp angles

DO: round and oval, dark color
DON'T: geometric, clear


Broader forehead with long jawline with the chin being the most narrow point of the face.

DO: oval and round wide
DON'T: top styles and think temple pieces

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