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Why we do it

We don’t want to just be your local eye care facility, we want to be a community partner. We have the resources to contribute to the collective vision for a better community, and networking that support to the areas that can use them has only one outcome: a stronger community. By working in the local area we are able to empower and educate individuals about eye health and the importance of proper vision. In providing and receiving a greater knowledge of the services and struggles within our neighborhood we gain different perspectives and effective strategies toward solutions.

Lions Club

We continuously partner with this charitable society as they develop service projects across the community.

Fairport Assist

Provide access and opportunity for underprivileged kids in Fairport, who might not have access otherwise, to get eyeglasses if needed.

Penfield Schools

We support a variety of school clubs and organizations such as the sports and robotics teams. We allow
them also to advertise through flyers and posters at our facility.

East High Vision Care Program

We volunteer to perform eye screenings for children of the city school system.

VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity)

We have participated in several medical missions to underserved populations in Central America, providing medical eye care and recycled glasses to those in need.

What's Next?

We are always seeking new philanthropic events and opportunities. If you have a cause that you feel we would fit well with let us know!

You can email us the information and details about your cause and we will look into how we can contribute.

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